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At Moore than Swimming we provide lessons for children of all ages and ability. From 6 months of age right through to adults, our small groups and individual lessons create ideal learning environments. We dedicate weekday mornings to pre-schoolers and afternoons to school students, work with adults at a mutually convenient time and Saturday is a mixture of all ages.


Lessons run in the mornings for pre schoolers and afternoons for school age. Saturdays are a mix of all ages. Group lessons start at $18. Less if purchased in a block of 12 lessons per child or for a 12 month child's group lesson deal.

Our facilities and instructors are available for lessons for large school and community groups. Please contact us for additional information.
  • Infant lessons
  • Introducing a child to the water at a young age has been proven to help in many developmental areas. From their earliest formative years, they get a great feel for the water and a solid grounding for the rest of their swimming lives.

    At Moore Than Swimming, infant classes are one of the most important aspects of our “Learn to Swim” program. The skills learnt here will be used continually throughout life.

    These classes are filled with lots of fun activities and quality bonding experiences. Designed to help your child feel happy and confident in the water, we work with

    • blowing bubbles
    • moving independently in the water with the aid of a back pack
    • establishing base skills for developing strokes.


    Run in groups of up to 6 children and their parents in the water, our activities are structured to allow each child to be confident and ready to reach the next level.

  • Pre-school & school age lessons
  • Our ongoing program is designed to support children in becoming competent swimmers as they grow from toddlers to teens. Working with small groups based on each student’s age and ability level, our 30 minute classes allow our teachers to work with individuals to provide the attention and encouragement they need. As students progress through each level of the program, they are continually challenged with new techniques to build confidence and skill.

    Each class group is limited to 4 students, and groups swimming laps are limited to 8. From Monday to Friday,

    • Pre-School Lessons are run between 9am and 12noon
    • School Age Lessons run from 4pm to 6pm

    On Saturday we run a mixture of infant, pre-school and school age lessons allowing families with children of different levels to swim around the same time.

  • Adult lessons
  • We know that not everyone has had the chance to spend time around or in water, and welcome people of all ages and skill levels.

    To support the mature members of our community, we run lessons for adults by request during the day or evening in 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions, allowing us to work at the participant’s level.