Discover the incredible cardio workout that doesn’t put strain on your joints. Moore than Swimming provides a safe, comfortable environment with a variety of Aerobics classes to suit all ages and abilities.



During the day time we run “Gentle Aerobic” classes in a warm water environment suited to bodies that are mature or recovering from injuries. With an instructor in the water, these classes are set a pace for the participants and are also suitable for people who want a gentle start to their program.

These classes have an instructor in the water with them and are run at the pace of the participants.

Monday              10:15 AM      –         11:15 AM

Tuesday             10:00 AM      –       11:00 AM

Thursday           10:00 AM    –        11:00 AM


Looking for something a little more energetic? Our evening Aerobics Classes are run to music with a strong tempo, allowing you to work hard and enjoy exercising in a good fun environment. These classes may also include deep water exercise.

Monday           06:00 PM     –       07:00 PM

Thursday         06:00 PM     –       07:00 PM